Apple Podcasts Fix

The podcasts on Wrestling Observer / Figure Four Online are protected with HTTP Authentication, which Apple Podcasts doesn't support.

Fill out the form and you'll be given a custom feed URL, which should get around this.

User names are case sensitive!
You may have to enter it in lower case for it to be accepted.
Don't use the e-mail address attached to your account.

Custom Feed URL created!

Just copy the URL below and paste it into your chosen podcast app.

Pocket Casts might require a bit more work. Copy the URL below and visit the Pocket Casts site via the provided link. Choose the Private option and you'll be given another URL to use with their app.

Disclaimer: Your F4Wonline log-in details are embedded into your feed URL. They will be protected by HTTPS in transit.

This is how the workaround works:

This is the only thing your log-in details are used for. They aren't stored anywhere on my server. If you are uncomfortable with this then don't use the workaround. The password shouldn't be the same as one that's used for any of your other accounts.

The source code is available here.